Business confidence that the hiring plan will be implemented in time
Company loses profit, because can't hire specialists in time.
The results of this problem:
    1. Long period of vacancy closing;
    2. ASAP positions;
    3. Business can't scale faster
    Why do we sure these problems exist?
    Had been cooperating with 400+ IT Companies during 2 years
    Companies confirmed that they are ready to pay for recruiting period shortening and access to more relevant specialists.
    Conducted 25 Customer Development interviews with IT Companies
    The companies aren't satisfied with the existing solutions for these problems and are still looking for the new ones.
    Conducting negotiation with 8 Early Adopter Companies
    Now 8 Companies are ready to start cooperation with us and test the MVP of our Product
    We revealed that companies lose 63 days in average to close vacancy
    For gathering analytics, searching, conducting interviews and waiting for the candidate to start work
    Our Value Proposition for companies

    You have relevant specialists long before the vacancy is open
    Thanks to this you:
    Shorten the period of vacancy closing to 20 days
    Reduce costs for recruiting by 12 times
    Raise the final candidates number by 3 times
    Get profit immediately instead of wasting time on sourcing
    None of our competitors solves the problem of hiring specialists in time
    We have 4 types of competitors and we deeply researched 58 of them on Ukrainian, Israeli, USA and EU markets.

    All of our competitors are indirect. They help companies to close ASAP positions.
    We are the only company which can totally eliminate ASAP positions with Predictable Hiring Approach
    Here is all data about types of competitors, problems that they solve and features they have
    How does our product work?
    Company creates its account
    Company leaves two types of data on the platform:
    1. Detailed information about the company - Company Profile.
    2. Data about specialists they hire regularly - Specialists Portraits.
    Specialist creates his profile
    IT specialist adds data about:
    1. Professional background and skills
    2. Expectations and ambitions
    Algorithm starts working
    It generates online pools of relevant specialists for each portrait, analyzing dozens of factors.
    Company works with the pool
    Company sees all the information about each specialist, their percentage relevance, expectations and can:
    1. Start communication with them individually;
    2. Grow loyalty of the pool through online mentoring sessions.
    Specialists see analytics
    Anonymously, they have all analytics about their opportunities in the IT companies.
    They have detailed, up-to-date information in one place in a few seconds.
    They no longer see irrelevant options.
    Company hires loyal relevant specialists at the right moment.
    The formula of our technological solution
    MVP = Skyworker algorithms
    Commercial Product = Skyworker algorithm + Machine Learning + Data Science
    Our Business Model is SaaS
    Packages of services for Ukrainian IT companies
    Pool of future employees
    + Following
    + Communication
    Online mentoring sessions
    Price per year
    $10 000
    $15 000
    $19 000
    +Setup Fee - Our Team will support companies to ensure presence of all the required information on a platform and to create profile that will be attractive for specialists.
    Price - $1500
    Testing period in Ukraine
    Total number of companies includes:

    Ukrainian IT Companies


    Foreign Companies which plan to open Branch / R&D center in Ukraine (we will become the main channel for them to get market analytics and to develop strong Brand Awareness in short terms)

    Markets we consider as promising for scaling
    In the next 2 years till April, 2021
    This is the period we hire Business Development Managers on Markets we target on and start a research

    Research starts on March, 2020
    Research starts on March, 2020
    Research starts on July, 2020
    Research starts on September, 2020
    German, Israeli and Polish markets are large and still have low competitiveness in the Tech Hiring Sphere.
    USA market is the most promising and the most competitive for us.
    Here you can see the number of companies, their costs on our competitors and total target markets size.

    These 4 markets are the first ones we'll start our Deep Business Research for scaling.
    Ukrainian IT companies spend $ 50000-175000 per year on recruiting tools and services
    In 8 months with Skyworker they can completely abandon these costs
    Target Companies
    High Tech, Innovative, ICT companies
    Have a growth plan for more than 30 specialists per year
    Aspire to establish and implement strategic hiring plans
    Aspire to develop their Employer Brand and stand out on the competitive market
    How will we attract specialists on our platform?
    We've conducted a deep research of B2C market.
    We revealed common problems of specialists of different professional levels:
    Haven't enough time for information searching on different platforms;
    Don't know where there are promising offers for them;
    Can't assess themselves and keep up with changes in the market requirements
    Don't trust companies until they get acquainted with someone from the team
    Our Value Proposition for specialists

    Know about all job opportunities in IT in a few seconds
    Our break-even point comes on
    September, 2020
    in the same month we reach a level of more than $100,000 monthly revenue

    We have calculated financial plan for 2 years. Can present it individually.
    $ 100 000
    For MVP development (from May till October, 2019):

    1. Growth of technical team (Back-end, Front-end, QA specialists, PM, BA, designer).
    2. Engagement and preparation of Account and Customer Support Managers / BizDev Specialists.
    3. Finalization of MVP that allows to start a full-scale sales and marketing strategy.
    $ 200 000
    Till Break-even point
    From November 2019 till August 2020 (12 months):

    1. Growth of Development / Marketing / BizDev / Support teams
    2. Investments in marketing strategy.
    3. Customer Development Research on foreign markets and first sales on these markets.
    4. Developing of the product second iteration with Predictable Analytics functional.

    Key KPI`s
    October 2019
    1. Number of Companies on the platform - 19
    2. Number of Specialists on the platform - 3706
    3. Revenue - $ 21 000
    August 2020
    1. Number of Companies on the platform - 80
    2. Number of Specialists on the platform - 3706
    3. Revenue - $ 63 000
    Our Team Now
    1. CEO & Founder - Lidiya Terpel
    2. CPO - Oleksandra Bernatska
    3. CMO - Olha Kapinos

    C-level management have been working together for 2,5 years

    1. Python Developer & Analyst Researcher - 6 months with us
    2. Tech/Team Lead (part time) - 5 months with us
    3. Backend Developer (part time) - 2 months with us
    4. Frontend Developer & Designer - 2 months with us
    5. SEO Manager - 6 months with us
    6. PPC Specialist - 6 months with us
    Technical Partner
    IT Product Development Company
    Software Architecture Consultations and Work Force.
    Total amount of investments in monetary equivalent
    - $6 000
    We have worked on our product for 2 months.
    What did we achieve?
    With 8 Early Adopter Companies that are ready to test the Platform
    Beta MVP. User testing begins on May 2
    (Own funds)
    $ 16 000 on development, operations, preparing marketing & sales plan
    Board of Consultants
    Marina Vyshegorodskikh
    Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors at Ciklum
    Stephan Schoelzel
    Chief Digital Officer, VP of Digital Darwinist
    Yuri Lapin
    Ex COO at SBTech / CEO at Spartos

    Igor Zhadanov
    CEO at Readdle

    Roman Kirigetov
    Co-founder of
    Andrey Nikishaev
    Co-Founder & ML Lead at 20 Thousand Leagues
    Time Line
    December 2016
    Foundation of offline service company Skyworker that protects interests of IT specialists before IT companies
    July 2017
    100 IT specialists find their place in IT with Skyworker. Mostly Junior-Middle IT specialists.
    150 IT companies we cooperate with.
    January 2018
    C-level Managers become the largest part of our clients.
    250 IT companies we cooperate with
    December 2018
    We achieved a milestone of 88 Middle-Senior IT specialists applied for Skyworker service per week.

    February 2019
    Our Private Hackathon where 24 IT specialists developed the prototype of Skyworker IT Product during 43 working hours on one weekend.
    April 2019
    Skyworker team of 3 IT specialists and technical partner WeSoftYou developed the Beta MVP.
    May 2019
    Testing Beta MVP and developing Beta Product
    July 2019
    Release of Beta Product
    September 2019
    Release of Skyworker Product
    Skyworker 2nd Birthday Party
    Core Team + Mentors + Partners
    Contact me for more
    Lidiya Terpel
    CEO & founder Skyworker
    Phone: +38 (063) 972 41 00